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Property in Bulgarian mountain

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Property in Bulgarian mountain

property in bulgaria in the mountainDream Home offer many properties for sale and rent in mountain areas in Bulgaria, as they are usually located in or close to a ski resort. If you like winter sports and the thrill of snowboarding in the cliffs, the property in the mountains of Bulgaria is for you! Bulgaria is known mostly for its seaside resorts, and do not even know what wonderful ski resorts are only 5-6 hours away from the sea. Most experts unanimously say that in Europe the most profitable and affordable real estate is in the mountains of Bulgaria. The most popular ski resorts in Bulgaria are Borovets, Bansko and Pamporovo.


Property prices in the mountains of Bulgaria are somewhat lower than on the coast, while the proposed property is not less convenient. We have a large number of proposals for the sale of real estate in the mountains of Bulgaria, we invite you to look at.


If you have any questions or comments, our consultants are waiting to provide professional assistance in choosing the right property. Please contact us for your requirements and we will be happy to help you!


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